Nobluk New Series Lens

This gonna be my favourite lens series which is Nobluk so now Nobluk have a new design compared to the old design, I fall in love with this lens. I bought brown colour but it looks like green, yet so natural due to it black tiny ring. I like it so much and I don't have any problems of wearing it. 

DESIGN: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
The new design of this lens comes in 3 color layers so that's why it looks natural.

COMFORT: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
The korean lens eventhough it is cheap to buy, I think it is safe so far I got no problem wearing korean lens since I was 18 years old so it have been 4 years I'm wearing korean lens without any problems to my eyes. Make sure to clean the lens always. I give it 4 stars not full stars comfortable because I still can feel there's something inside my eyes.

I bought this lens on instagram which is a secure instashop because I use to buy lens from her, which is @qayla_lens The price of the lens is RM26 per pair but if you buy it 2 pairs you will get RM40 for free postage.
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Loving somebody

I can't define my current status now and I can't tell my loyalty to someone. I will be friend with whoever I want and I will go out with whoever I want to. Guys or girls, I just want to have a freedom in my life BUT, there's only one man in my heart and my eyes. The man was my ex-boy. It is not easy for me to fall for a guy so that is why it isn't easy to replace him. With whoever man I talked, I would not have any feelings for them because I am not interested with anyone other than him. Years from now, I am waiting for him. 
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Why happy couples don't reveal relationships on social media

We live in a strange time, when for some people a status on the Internet can have more significance than what’s happening in the real world. We evaluate someone’s life based on the photographs that appear on their Facebook page and what they write about themselves. And we’re often wrong in our judgments.

When people are happy in their relationship, they live in the here and now

If everything’s going well in a person’s life and relationship they just don’t see any sense in wasting time writing posts online to prove this fact to others. It’s not that they never take photos or check their social media feeds, but their lives are already making them so happy that they have no need to be distracted by it.

Any couple that parades their relationship problems online for all to see will gain nothing from it
Revealing all your personal problems to everyone you know on social media is about the least effective method available for solving your issues. It’s only going to make things worse in your relationship.

Real happiness comes from simply being in a happy relationship with someone you love
You’ll gain nothing from posting evidence of how happy you are on your Facebook page. The joy is to be found in being together, not in posting about being together. For people who understand this, constantly posting on social media has little appeal.

No one has to prove anything to anyone
People who are in a truly happy relationship don’t have any interest in using each other to prove how happy they are to others. They’re together because they want to be, and they couldn’t care less whether their page says "in a relationship" or not.

And the most important thing...

Researchers have found that those who don’t use social media are on the whole happier than those who do because they don’t constantly compare themselves with their colleagues and friends — all of whom always appear to be somehow better or happier. We too often forget that all that matters are our real lives, our relationships, our experiences, and our feelings — and not the endless search for popularity online. - Credit by Bright Side.

I'm still in a relationship about 3 years and half with my partner secretly without posting anything about us on social media, neither in this blog which I actually wrote everything about him but I never publish it, I save it as draft. Besides, till now we don't capture a photo together which I really want it to create memories like everybody else, gladly, his loyalty to me is what make me even happier. Nevertheless, when people asking about my current status I am not hesitated to say, "Yes, I'm in a relationship." - Sincerely by me.
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Zoura Pretty Fingers Services - Pelamin Deco

Hi semua! Okay kali ni aku nak buat survey pasal servis decoration untuk majlis-majlis seperti perkahwinan, pertunangan dan aqiqah. And, terjumpa satu laman web yang menyediakan pelbagai servis yang menyediakan pakej yang berpatutan harganya. Dekorasi dia pun cantik-cantik.

Okay servis yang aku cakap ni ialah Zoura Pretty Fingers Services dimana korang boleh check dia punya laman web dekat sini
Website dia friendly user macam blog based punya and semua pakej yang korang nak tengok dan contoh-contoh gambar boleh visit dekat dia punya laman web situ. Selain mengambil tempahan, website dia ada jugak sediakan Tips merancang majlis (click)

Servis yang diberikan antaranya:-

  • Deco dais, deco tray, 
  • Make up service, 
  • Photobooth, 
  • Candybooth, 
  • Rental pelamin items, 
  • Buaian berendoi

Pakej Hantaran Dulang - Guna bunga segar

Anyway, as per our teleconversation between me and Zoura,,

Apa kelebihan kalau ambil tempahan dekat Zoura Pretty Fingers (ZPF)

Caj harga yang berpatutan. Tema dekorasi yang trendy, simple dan elegant. Tiada caj tersembunyi. Ambil tempahan hingga ke Negeri Sembilan dan Melaka. ZPF juga pernah dapat slot dalam Majalah Pesona Pengantin dan Harian Metro. Pilihan deco yang terkini dan barangan berkualiti. Easy and friendly consultation. So now ada special promo untuk B2B dapat free deco tray @ fresh hand-bouquet. Syaratnya, share & win post ZPF di IG & FB. Pemenang akan dikira bilangan share terbanyak dan reason yang paling best kenapa mesti ambil pakej di ZPF. 
Ready dah boleh join contest ni kalau nak dapat hadiah!

Cara nak hubungi

Fb : zoura pretty fingers services
ig : zoura pretty fingers
email :
web :
tel : 012-3612692 (zoura)
Location : Putrajaya & Cheras, KL

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My First Laser Treatment

Last week I went to Koh and Wong Specialist to do the skin laser treatment at Damansara. I really had a skin problem which is I have freckles on my nose and it looks terrible. I really hope to remove it and have a flawless skin. I also have acne problem on my back but the doctor said my freckles can be cure, she just give me a medicine.

The doctor who checked on me was Dr Wong Su-Ming. At first, she told me that the freckles on my nose is a birthmark which it is kinda impossible to remove it however she will try to do something on it and it was just a trial.

This is during the laser treatment. It is not hurt at all but I can smell burning spot of my skin. But, the trial to remove one spot of freckles is kinda scare and hurt a bit. That was terrific haha.

So after 4 days, the trial is actually successful. My freckles can be remove. It will not stay forever on my face. I want to do it again next time. Here I attached the clinic's services and contacts for you. This is the most cheap laser treatment that you can get. It was a recommendation from my mom who had a laser before at the same clinic for her full face costly, RM150.

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KFC Latest Combo Meal Cheesy Onion Crunch

Yesterday I followed my department's staff to go to an event at Quill City Mall which is held by KFC Holding (M) Bhd. KFC released a new taste which is the latest promotional meal.

A combination of KFC's Hot & Spicy or Original chicken with an all-new cream and onion sauce, coleslaw, whipped potato and carbonated drink. It is available in set combo meals of two or five pieces of chicken and priced at RM12.50 and RM32.50 respectively.

The offer period begins today until November or while stocks last.

Honestly sos baru dia memang sedaplah bila makan sekali dengan spicy chicken. Lala makan 3 ketul kot tapi bahagian ayam yang kurus-kurus lah wakaka.

Thanks KFC for the complimentary gift hahahha.

Ramai yang datang semua invitees from media and bloggers.

So masa datang event ni terjumpalah dengan Kak Fas, seorang blogger dan bekas editor majalah. Nahh blog dia Paling kelakar bila Lala kena interview dengan BERNAMA TV lepastu keesokan hari lepas event ni (hari ini) keluar pulak dalam tv kecoh kat office hahah wehh maluu!
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Cara mudah untuk membuat air detox

Apa itu minuman detox?

Minuman detox ni adalah minuman yang dicampurkan dengan bahan-bahan yang terdiri daripada bahan-bahan semulajadi seperti buah-buahan atau sayur-sayuran. Ia tidak manis dan warnanya adalah plain.

Apakah kebaikan minuman detox?

Minuman detox ini sangat bagus untuk menyingkirkan toksin dalam badan malah dapat mengurangkan lemak, senang cerita boleh kurus lahh minum air detox ni setiap hari. Detox ni minuman bagi yang nak diet. Selain itu ia juga dapat:-
  • meningkatkan tahap metabolisma
  • menjadikan and cepat kenyang dan mengelakkan dari makan junk food
  • membantu tubuh membebaskan sel lemak secara semulajadi
  • meningkatkan mood
  • mengurangkan keletihan pada otot semasa bersenam

Antara bahan dalam membuat air detox

1) Buah-buahan

Sitrus: anggur, lemon, limau nipis, oren
Beri: Strawberi, raspberi, blueberry, blackberry, ceri
Melon: Honeydew, tembikai, rockmelon
Pilihan lain: Epal, anggur, plum, peach

2) Buah tempatan:

Delima, mangga, nenas, belimbing

3) Sayuran: 

Timun, lobak merah, daun saderi, peppers

4) Herba: 

Pudina, sage, rosemary, selasih, cilantro, thyme, stevia, lavender

5) Rempah-ratus:

Halia, kulit kayu manis, lada hitam

Langkah mudah, murah dan cepat penyediaan air detox

Kali ni aku guna 3 bahan je untuk buat detox drink ni (sebab ni je ada dalam fridge) iaitu epal hijau, lemon dan daun pudina. Ingat nak letak timun sekali tapi sebab dah habis so takat ni jelah. Tanpa gula ok tapi kalau korang macam tak suka minuman masam-masam tawar ni hanya bubuh gula merah atau madu ok. Sebab minuman detox ni terdiri daripada bahan organik barulah sihat.

Cara nak memotong bahan-bahan macam di dalam gambar ye. Terus potong guna pisau yang tajam tak payah nak belah dua ke hape.

Okay next step, masukkan semua bahan ke dalam cawan atau jar dan isikan dengan air. 

Boleh masuk dalam peti sejuk dan biarkan selama sehari. Sebenarnya nak minum terus pun boleh tunggu 5 minit camtu. bekas bertutup dan masukkan dalam peti sejuk. Selalunya ia bertahan selama seminggu. Tetapi untuk memastikan kesegaran buah-buahan yang digunakan adalah lebih elok habiskan dalam masa 3 hari sahaja. Ini untuk elakkan buah-buah yang direndam menjadi terlalu lembik dan berubah warna. Paling baik habiskan sehari sekali. Lepas itu buat yang baru. Lebih sedap dan menyegarkan.

Amalkan setiap hari dalam seminggu, selamat mencuba! 
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Days at kampung: Eid Adha Mubarak

I hope that it is not too late to say, Salam Eiduladha to all muslims in every countries in this world. Usually I celebrate eid adha with family at our home in Rawang but this year is special, we celebrated eid adha at our village in Taiping, Perak with the whole family beside daddy. Furthermore, my grandmother held an occasion to all the nearby villagers, with a sacrifice of... cow haha.

Orang semua makan daging, aku makan tisu. Haa, la ni nak habaq ni laa rahsia ceq maintain kuruih hang pa tawu 

This moment when everybody beratur nak aku mekapkan tak kira pangkat umur dan jantina. 6 orang aku mekapkan. Waktu lapang kami bila semua tak payah memasak kat dapur  

My cousin feed the cow wrong! 

They are my cousins, ada ramai lagi belum balik. Total cousins, 21 including me.

Sacrifice Festival. I wasn't there because I already back to my home. Cut that head off!  photo th23.gif

I seriously will miss my little one. That's my little cousin which we call him as "Labu". He's 15kg so heavy! A shy boy but when you get close to him, he definitely will laugh at your jokes.

Tuesday - day after first Eid Adha. Orang lain masih beraya, kita bekerja. Back to working life. Yup that's all my personal daily story to post. It was a good day gathering with big family aight so.. How can we not talk about family when family is all of we got?
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Make Up and Acne

Just doing some research on google about "Does wearing Make up can cause acne to our skin" So what I got is, makeup and acne, they're like magnets. If you have one (acne), you likely need the other (makeup), but, on the other hand, if you use one (makeup) it may cause the other (acne). What gives?!

For those of you who wear makeup without getting acne this is not a problem…but then there's the rest of us! Makeup varies tremendously between brands in terms of quality and ingredients, and technically speaking, makeup does not cause acne. Some people get acne without ever wearing a stitch of makeup, and others who wear makeup all the time may never get a pimple, well you see?

In my perception, those who have acne a lot of your face, I recommend you to not wear make up all the time, please do not use a heavy foundation without clean it deeply. In my previous post about "My Acne Story" when I was a teenager who had pimples, I never wear make up on my skin this is because during my time, make up is not a trend for a 90s teenager like me well zaman ni jer yang sibuk pung pang budak-budak pakai mekap pergi sekolah kan. What I did is, cure it before you cover it!

During my time when I still have pimples, I only use press powder by Clinelle. It is a Non-Comedogenic product, also no fragrance, no mineral oil, no artificial coloring, and no lanolin. You should try it, I bought at Watsons for only RM16 that time. Take a look at this entry for Clinelle press powder review - Click Me.

If you have acne but you wearing heavy makeup, it can definitely aggravate acne or make acne worse. Sometimes this is the result of makeup wearers not realizing that they are sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients. Other times, it may be that they're forgetting to take their makeup off after a day of wear, therefore clogging up or blocking pores. And while most people cleanse their face daily, they may unknowingly fail at completely removing their makeup. But, let's be clear: It's NOT the makeup alone that causes acne. These issues associated with makeup have the potential to worsen, aggravate, or even trigger acne in some people.

Makeup Ingredients That Cause Acne:

The ingredients below are ranked 5 out of 5 in their ability to cause acne (based on
  • Wheat Germ Oil
  • Algae Extract
  • Carrageenans
  • Red Algae
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Isopropyl Myristate
  • Hexadecyl Alcohol
  • Laureth 4

Treatments for Makeup Induced Acne

Use Non Comedogenic Brands

Makeup induced breakouts can be easily treated by paying attention to the ingredients in the makeup you’re using. To get rid of acne cosmetica, the first thing you should do is switch to a non-comedogenic brand.

Clean Your Brushes and Tools

Take a look at what you’re applying your makeup with and make sure that your brushes and tools are clean and sanitary. A main cause of inflammatory acne is caused from bacteria that lives your dirty brushes and old sponges. This same bacteria gets transferred to your face where it starts to flourish.

Wash your Face

Keeping makeup on your face for long periods of time makes it more likely to settle into your pores. You should always wash your face before bed!

Listen to Your Skin

If you’re noticing breakouts when you use certain products, stop using them and see if it clears up. Everyone’s skin reacts differently so keep an eye on your face and eventually you’ll start to discover patterns.
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